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Tiny Tower

So, I’m surfing around on the internet, looking for a new game to play.  This isn’t an odd thing for me to do, smartphones allow you to untether from your home desktop easily.  Anyway, I come across this little game called Tiny Tower (available for iPhone and Android powered mobile devices).  This game comes across … Continue reading

Simulated Socialization

Before Facebook became the Social Network of choice and it was just a way for people in college to stay in touch, gaming was not a part of the Facebook experience.  Fast forward to today and you can easily be inundated with requests from friends to join the latest game craze that’s sweeping across the world. For … Continue reading

CP3, Oh!

It’s been well over a decade since meaningful basketball was played in New York City. The heyday of the Patrick Ewing-led Knickerbockers lost to NBATV or YouTube. As a Knicks fan, I’ve had to endure quite a few debacles such as this one and this one. So when I hear that one of my current … Continue reading


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