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CP3, Oh!

It’s been well over a decade since meaningful basketball was played in New York City. The heyday of the Patrick Ewing-led Knickerbockers lost to NBATV or YouTube. As a Knicks fan, I’ve had to endure quite a few debacles such as this one and this one. So when I hear that one of my current favorite player, Chris Paul is not only available, but wants to come to the team. I pay close attention. This is the type of news I like to hear now that the lockout is over.

I think this deal gets done. With the buzz LeBron’s teaming with Wade and Bosh in Miami created last year, a similar narrative can be weaved this year with Paul going to NY. And if you want to make a villain out of the New York team, trade Amar’e to Orlando for Dwight Howard. That story will get fans watching just to see the Knicks lose, similar to how casual fans tuned in to watch the Heat’s problems. Sure it would leave a real bad taste in my mouth if Amar’e was treated in that way. He’s the reason for the resurgence in NY, but that narrative gives the NBA a major boost in revenue when the playoffs come around. It also helps the NBA when the new TV contract has to get signed. The fact that it will make the Knicks one of the best teams in basketball is just a slight bonus.

Make it happen Stern, show us you still have the touch.

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