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Change gonna come.

It’s been a long.  A long time coming, but I know a change gonna come.

(Hey Kanye and Jay ain’t the only one that can tap Otis for some music.)

Damn Tony B where the hell you been? How long has it been since I blogged last?  Two months?  Really?  Damn.  Things have been ridiculously hectic and I, unfortunately, have been neglecting my blog and my one fan.  (Sorry won’t happen again).  So what games have I been playing in that time frame?  I’ve been going old school and catching up on my Bioware classic, Dragon Age: Origins

Since the game is well over 2 years old now, it doesn’t make sense for me to review it per se.  So this will be just a good old fashioned recommendation.  For those who don’t know, Dragon Age is built on the premise of the old Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) tabletop campaigns.  I was never able to participate in those when I was younger.  A short story that I’ll explain later at some point.

In Dragon Age: Origins, you start of as a character.  You may choose race, class and starting skill set associated with that class.  As you play, you build the character up as you see fit.  Nothing groundbreaking here, the hook of this game is the story and the way it unfolds before you.  Your interactions with your team and the world around you have consequences to a point.  Nothing that will keep you from completing the game, but your decisions will effect how your team views you and can keep some interactions out of your reach.

Overall, it’s a fun ride, nothing groundbreaking.  To be truly groundbreaking, we’d need to get into a Quantum Computing space where decisions are not governed by the 1 and the 0.  Mimicking subtlety and truly being subtle are two very different elements.  Elements that could be explored in a very profound manner.

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